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The short video-clip link below is part of the documentary and MSS, Protecting Earhart: The Hidden Legacy of Legendary Pilot, Amelia Earhart scheduled for release this year.

Additional material to be presented in both can be previewed on Protecting Earhart’s other website,

You’ve seen this story offered in various forms over the years, to include four nationally published books since 1970 that attested to the reality of it, the most recent one being W. C. Jameson’s 2016 edition from his ‘Beyond The Grave’ series. 

Protecting Earhart is more comprehensive and revealing than anything ever presented on Amelia Earhart’s 1937 world flight outcome. Its investigation began in the 1990s and culminated with a ten-year forensic study that proved Amelia not only survived her well-storied disappearance, but she also continued to live a private life in the United States after assuming a different identity, until she died in 1982. 

Further known as as ‘Irene Craigmile’ after World War Two in the United States, in 1958 the former Amelia Earhart then became ‘Mrs. Irene Bolam’ after she married Guy Bolam of England, a gentleman who was described by his family to have been linked to the MI-6 program. Throughout the 1960s, as ‘Irene’ the former Amelia Earhart helped run Guy’s enterprise, Radio Luxembourg, and she became its corporate president after his passing in 1970.

‘Mrs. Irene Bolam’ formerly being known as Amelia Earhart was initially postulated in 1965 by my late friend and former collaborator, retired USAF Major, Joseph A. Gervais [1924-2005] who deeply investigated Amelia’s disappearance for decades. The truth of it remained obscured in a public way until a few years after after Mrs. Bolam’s passing, when the well known, Monsignor James Francis Kelley [1902-1996], a former president of Seton Hall College who had been among the few individuals instrumental with Amelia’s private repatriation in the U.S. as ‘Irene,’ admitted it was true. Because there were actually three different women attributed to the same ‘Irene’ identity, Protecting Earhart’s study aptly labeled the former Amelia Earhart, the ‘Gervais-Irene.’

The Gervais-Irene photo I chose for the video link below was taken in Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia in 1976. She is the one with the gray hair on the right, shown sitting next to Monsignor Kelley’s sister, Gertrude Kelley Hession who she often traveled with. Head-to-toe and character trait wise, the Gervais-Irene and Amelia naturally displayed their congruence because they were one in the same.

That’s right, the Gervais-Irene and Amelia were one in the same human being who lived in different eras known by different names. As hard as anyone might find this to believe, it’s also that simple to comprehend.

Do look for my new book and documentary,  Protecting Earhart coming this summer.

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