Digital Composite Dissolves

The videos on this page show the discovered forensic reality of Amelia Earhart surviving her 1937 world flight outcome, and later changing her name to ‘Irene Craigmile.’ (Amelia knew the original Irene Craigmile in the 1930s.) The ‘former’ Amelia went on to marry Guy Bolam of England in 1958, to be further known as ‘Irene Bolam.’ She died in 1982 just shy of her 85th birthday.

What you observe when you watch the dissolve videos is Irene Bolam and her former Amelia self superimposed with each other. This website has much information to offer on how this came to be. The superimposed video dissolves here are fully copyrighted.

Protecting Earhart Documentary Intro Reel

Post-1940 Irene to Amelia Digital Dissolve

Amelia age 31, post-1940 Irene 1970 press conference

Post-1940 Irene in 1976, to Amelia Earhart

Irene to Amelia head & Shoulders

Amelia relaxed in 1937 to formal post-1940 Irene in 1977

Amelia & Post-1940 Irene profiles


Tod Swindell’s Protecting Earhart MSS and Forensic Analysis [1997-2020; copyright registrations: TXu 1-915-926 & TXu 2-061-539] mark an Investigative Journalist’s comprehensive forensic research evaluation combined with a human comparison analysis. Tod Swindell is a writer-filmmaker and part time journalist, who conducted a comprehensive researcher study and orchestrated an accompanying ‘Amelia to Irene’ comparison analysis, [the first comparison analysis of its kind to be done] after he developed a deep interest in the facts attributed to Amelia Earhart’s disappearance and missing person case.

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